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Posted On: 13th May 2014

Becoming An Organ Donor

Fixer Jared Munro
Scene from film showing grieving parents
Organ donation website

Jared Munro from Galashiels is broaching the difficult subject of organ donation, hoping to encourage more people to speak openly about the taboo topic.


The 21-year and his group want young people in particular to realise that being on the organ donation register could positively impact many other lives.


‘A few years ago my mum passed away and we decided as a family to register her as an organ donor,’ explains Jared.


‘Her eyes were donated and she helped three people.


‘Part of the problem is that many of us don’t like talking about the subject and have all these misconceptions that your organs are somehow put in a jar. But it’s not like that.


‘Obviously the choice is a personal one, but my mission is to at least get people talking about it.’


For his Fixers campaign, Jared and his team have created a powerful film showing how an individual’s decision to become a donor could save someone else’s life.


The duel narrative is centred on the death of a young person following a car crash and how not being registered as a donor affects a girl in need of a transplant.


Viewers are left with the final message: ‘If you’ve got a good heart, make sure they use it.'


Commenting on the film, Jared says: ‘I think it’s great. Although it dramatizes the topic, we wanted to make it true to life.


‘Sadly the truth is people are dying because not enough of us are registering as organ donors.


‘I hope the film makes people realise that what they do can have a lasting effect on someone’s life.’


Jared and his group want to take the film into local schools and colleges, to educate young people about organ donation and provide them with the information they need to register.


‘This issue is really important to me because I’ve seen how it can positively change lives,’ adds Jared.


‘If the campaign makes more people even consider becoming organ donors, then it will have been worthwhile.’ 


To find out how you can become a donor, visit the organ donation website for more information. 


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Jared's Fixers campaign and story was also shown on ITV News Lookaround.
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Author: N. Farooq


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