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Posted On: 7th Feb 2014

Coonian's Youth

The group of Fixers in Coonian
The countryside in Coonian
The Fixers' billlboard campaign

A group of Fixers from rural Fermanagh have helped create a billboard campaign, encouraging local council leaders to make their town more youth friendly.


The team from Coonian- a small community outside Enniskillen- are concerned there’s nowhere for young people to gather and meet.


They’d like to see more youth clubs and facilities in the area, which they feel would be positive for local youngsters.


‘Coonian is a very small town and while we’re all proud of living here, there’s not really much to get young people excited,’ explains 16-year-old Fixer John Goodwin.


‘The main problem is there are few places for us to socialise and meet others. Most of the time we just stay at home or walk around the countryside.


‘We want Coonian to have the same youth facilities which are in other parts of Fermanagh. It’s like we’re a forgotten community.’


The team’s billboard was erected in neighbouring Enniskillen, which is the nearest major town to Coonian.


They hope it will encourage local decision-makers to invest in facilities and programs geared towards young people in their area.


‘We’re delighted with how the billboard looks. It’s exactly what we wanted, something bright and eye-catching,’ says John.


‘There are many young people in Coonian but simply not enough things for them to do or engage with.


‘If our campaign achieves one thing, we hope it helps not just us, but future generations in the town as well.


‘This is our home so it’s about time we did something to make it more appealing for others.’


Click the image below to see a larger version of the billboard:



Author: N. Farooq


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