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Posted On: 25th Oct 2013

Shedding Light on Mental Health

A shot from the split narrative film
Film being shown at the launch event
Fixer Mogue and his team at the launch event

A 20-year-old Fixer, whose obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) used to take up hours of his day, has helped make a film to fight the stigma of mental illness.


Mogue Lawless, who was recently diagnosed with the condition, says living with OCD can be ‘horrific and traumatic'.

He now wants to use his Fixers campaign to raise awareness about mental health problems, encouraging more young people to get help.


‘My second year of university was my lowest point,’ says Mogue.


‘My compulsions, which would include clapping for no reason, literally got to a point where it was taking over my life.


‘That was when I knew I had to do something about it.’


Mogue was diagnosed by a doctor when he was 19 and has since had cognitive behavioural therapy to get it under control.


By following four different perspectives, his Fixers film centres on the statistic that 1 in 4 young people suffer from a mental condition in the UK.


The Fixer held a screening of the film on Wednesday 23rd October at Queens University, Belfast where he is a student.


‘I really love it,’ he says. ‘The screening went well and it got an amazing reception from the other students that were watching.


‘It was nice to work on a project that takes a taboo subject and lets people know about it.’


Mogue is hoping the film goes viral on the internet and reaches as many 16 to 24-years-olds as possible.


‘My message to others out there going through what I went through is to stay strong and tell someone about it,’ he adds.


‘I think many people are perhaps ashamed of telling someone they have a mental illness, but it’s really something you need to talk about.


‘I’m passionate about this because I know exactly what it’s like. So I feel a sense of duty to help others now.’


Watch Mogue and his group's film 'Start Talking' at the top of this page.


Visit www.mind.org.uk or www.rethink.org for more information about mental health conditions.

Author: N. Farooq


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