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Posted On: 15th Apr 2013

Giving Support to Young Mums

Yvonne with her two children
Yvonne playing with her children in the park
Yvonne walking to school with her children

A young single mum, who became pregnant with her two children during her teens, is motivating other young mums to live their lives to the full through her Fixers film.


In her film ‘Live With Purpose’ (view above), Yvonne Omini from Enfield, London, talks about her experiences as a single mother, and how fearful she was that falling pregnant would put a stop to the aspirations she has.


The now 24-year-old thought she would have to put her life on hold when she became pregnant with her daughter at the age of 17, and then pregnant with her son a year later.


While Yvonne admits parenting was a struggle at times, she refused to lose track of her goals. Now she is inspiring other single parents to not see young parenting as a burden.


‘When I first found out I was pregnant, I felt like I had let myself and my mum down,’ she explains.


‘My mum was a single parent, and she done a fantastic job, but I saw how she struggled and I did not want that.


‘But I began to see that while being a single parent is not an easy job, there is no reason to give up on what matters to you. There’s always a way to cope, someone to help you, and a way to be whoever you want to be.’


The film features Yvonne, who talks about her experiences, as well as expectant single young mum Christine Edwards (19) who is living on her own in supported accommodation due to lack of space in her home.


A report last year from the Office for National Statistics shows there are almost two-million single parents in the UK.


But Yvonne, who is training to be a Transformational Life Speaker, does not want single parents to see their children as a barrier to their life.


‘Embrace your kids and learn to live for them,’ she says. ‘There are people who can help you, and you should not be afraid to ask for help.


‘And when people tell you “no”, just remember that “no” means “next opportunity”. There’s no reason to feel put down and to give up on what you want to do.’


Author: Ashley Scrace


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