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Posted On: 5th Mar 2013

Meow in the Valleys on ITV Cymru Wales

Charlotte talking to the camera
Charlotte and her Fixers team
The Valleys in Wales

A group of South-Wales students worried about the increasing number of young people using the drug mephedrone are creating a short film to highlight the dangers of the drug.


The group of Fixers have seen a rise in consumption of mephedrone in their area – an illegal drug which is also known as ‘Meow Meow’, ‘plant food’, ‘MCAT’ and ‘drone’.


The group are concerned that young people who use the drug are unaware of the possible devastating effects it can have.


Mephedrone is an illegal Class B stimulant, which is similar in its effects to cocaine. However, unlike other hard drugs, ‘Meow Meow’ is cheap to obtain with some reports suggesting a gram costs only £10.


Lead Fixer Charlotte O’Connell (16) is producing a short film (watch below) which highlights the effects of Mephedrone.


She believes many young people simply do not know what they are doing to their bodies.


Charlotte explains: ‘There’s a big problem in the Valleys with the drug Mephedrone, which is really starting to get popular.


‘I have seen Mephedrone being taken by people every single day when I go out. I’ve seen people take it everywhere, sometimes in public just on the streets.


‘It has affected some of my friends and has turned them into thieves, just so they can get the drug. It has changed their personalities and their bodies. People do not realise what it does to you until it is too late.'


Author: Ashley Scrace


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