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Posted On: 11th Jan 2016

A-Z Of Autism

Fixer Lewis Beeston
A page from the Fixers book
Lewis felt autism was misunderstood as he was growing up

Lewis Beeston is concerned that signs of autism in young people can be mistaken for bad behaviour by those who don’t properly understand the condition.

The 20-year-old from North Wingate in Country Durham is keen to tackle these misconceptions, by raising awareness of the characteristics of autism in its different forms.

‘It’s something I live with myself, but I also know a lot of people like me,’ explains Lewis.

‘I want to tell people about autism and give people an insight.

‘For example, if someone has sensory issues they might have to wear certain fabrics to make them feel comfortable.

‘Or they could take things too literally or take a joke too far.

'They might not have an understanding of when to stop.’


With Fixers, Lewis and his team have helped to create an ‘A to Z’ guide to autism.

It introduces the condition and the different behaviours associated with it, in alphabetical order.

It covers aspects including echolalia and ‘outbursts’ - symptoms of the condition which people may not know about.

To read Lewis and his group’s Fixers booklet, click on the image below.


‘It’s such a vast spectrum, so we’ve cut it down,’ Lewis comments.

‘People can choose to expand on it if they wish.’

Lewis plans to present his booklet at Northumbria University to a variety of health care professionals and practitioners.

He hopes it will inspire readers to further educate themselves about the condition.

‘It’s for anybody who wants to understand,’ adds Lewis.

‘If someone picks it up, then it shows that they want to learn more about autism. Ultimately, that’s the aim.’


This Fixers campaign is supported by Comic Relief.  


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below. 



Author: Cara Laithwaite


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