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Posted On: 17th Apr 2015

Domestic Abuse Affects Men Too

Fixer Jennifer Tetley
A scene from the Fixers film
An actor plays a victim of domestic abuse in the film

Determined to show that domestic violence doesn’t only affect women, Jennifer Tetley is making others aware that men can be victims too.

Knowing someone who escaped an unhealthy relationship, the 24-year-old from Wrexham wants to highlight that men also experience mental and physical abuse, so that young people can recognise the warning signs and seek support.

‘I really want to give young men a voice and let them know that it’s okay to speak out,’ explains Jennifer.

‘There are organisations out there that can help.’

With Fixers, Jennifer and her team have helped produce a short film to show that domestic violence against men is no laughing matter.

It plays upon the concept of a 90s situation comedy featuring canned laughter. However, the humour fades as the audience realise they are witnessing domestic abuse.

Watch Jennifer and her team’s Fixers film ‘You Know I Love You’ at the top of this page.

Jennifer hopes her message will reach both men affected by abuse and other young people so they can spot the signs and ‘check on their mates’.

‘Often young people don’t have much experience of relationships so they assume what they’re going through is normal,’ Jennifer says.

‘They don’t know any different.’

Jennifer has already visited Coleg Cambria in Wrexham to speak to students as part of her research and now plans to take her film into other schools and colleges across the county.

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Tamer Maclean and Danny Scott are also campaigning to show that it’s not
just women that experience domestic abuse. Watch their Fixers film.

Author: Liz Kay


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