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Posted On: 30th Oct 2014

It's OK To Talk Fix On ITV

Fixer Mia Sweet
Mia is seen talking to her friends in the broadcast piece
Sara Powys, Time To Change Wales

Opening up about her battle with depression to show that it is possible to beat the illness, Mia Sweet hopes to inspire others with mental health conditions to talk about their feelings.

Her story was shown on ITV News Wales at Six on Thursday 6th November.

Mia, who’s 17 and from Abertillery in South Wales, wants people to understand that depression can affect anybody, but there is help and support available for those who ask for it.

‘When I was nine-years-old my mother passed away,’ Mia explains.

‘Obviously it really hurt me, but I didn’t realise until later on that I had depression.

‘I felt really down, I didn’t want to be around people, I couldn’t concentrate in school and every day I was upset.

‘My turning point was talking to a friend. She told me about a counsellor she was seeing and I decided to go myself. 

‘When I left the room, it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders.’

With Fixers, Mia has helped create a film to demonstrate to people with mental illnesses the benefits of discussing their problems with a friend.

Mixing live action and animation she hopes it will help prevent more young people from bottling up their emotions.

You can watch her Fixers film 'Me & Myself' by clicking on the image below.

Sara Powys, Social Leadership Lead Officer at Time To Change Wales, appears in the broadcast in support of Mia’s campaign.  

‘We know that one in five teenagers lives with anxiety and depression and what Mia is doing is to encourage those teenagers to talk more openly about their mental health,’ Sara comments.  

‘We know that helps people in recovery.’

Mia adds: ‘I’m feeling ten times better than I was.

‘I got over it. Other people can too, if they talk about it.’

For more information and advice on mental health, visit www.childline.org.uk.

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Joining Mia in breaking the silence on mental health, a group from Kent are
also encouraging young people to talk about their problems.

Author: Emily Tolloczko


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