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Posted On: 15th Sep 2014

Tackling Hair Pulling

Fixer Emma Simonsen
Emma's Fixers website
Emma wants to raise awareness of trichotillomania

An 18-year-old from Melksham is educating others about a relatively unknown disorder where a person feels compelled to pull out their own hair.


Emma Simonsen, who has trichotillomania, hopes by sharing her personal experience with the condition she will be able to help others.


'I wanted to raise awareness and provide support for this rarely heard of condition that affects 4% of the population.

'There is a large lack of awareness and understanding of trichotillomania, and this was something I am passionate about, being a sufferer myself.

'When I discovered that I had the condition at age 14, I felt very alone and I couldn't find much information about it.'


Hiding her hair pulling from her family for over a year, Emma eventually visited a doctor only to be told they had never heard of the disorder.

She hopes her website, created with the help of Fixers, will offer support to those living with trichotillomania and encourage greater awareness among the public.


The website details Emma's personal story and offers guidance based on her experiences.

Click on the image below to visit Emma's website.


'I decided to make this resource because it was something that was missing from the market,' Emma explains.

'This website is written in a clear and understandable manner and has information to help people understand the disorder.'


She adds: 'I feel much more confident in myself and have a better understanding of my condition after doing this project.

'It's my hope that this website will reach people with trichotillomania and help them to realise that they're not weird or alone with this.

'I also want them to show this to other people to help raise awareness.'


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Click here to see Emma Simonsen's campaign that was broadcast on ITV. 

Author: Cara Laithwaite


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