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Posted On: 18th Jul 2014

The Risks of Legal Highs

Fixer Patricia Doyle
Actor in film portraying the effects of legal highs
Actor in Fixers film

After seeing how they can ruin people’s lives, Patricia Doyle is warning others her age about the dangers of taking legal highs.


The 16-year-old from Lerwick in the Shetland Islands wants young people to understand that these synthetic drugs can be unsafe and is urging others not to take the risk.


‘There are many different kinds, but basically they mimic the effects of others drugs such as cannabis and cocaine,’ explains Patricia.


‘I know people who have taken them in the past and the consequences were shocking.


‘One of my friends was rushed to hospital and he almost died.


‘The most dangerous thing in my opinion is you don’t actually know what chemicals are in them, so there’s no way of knowing what they will do to you.


‘My campaign is the stop people from gambling with their lives in this way before it’s too late.’


With Fixers, Patricia and her team have helped produce a short film exploring the dark side of legal highs.


The short piece likens taking these drugs to spinning a roulette wheel, where the outcome is always unpredictable.


Watch 'Legal Highs: A Losing Game' at the top of this page.


‘We wanted to make it shocking, but also as realistic as possible,’ Patricia explains.


‘The truth is legal highs affect people in different ways and not always for the best, which is what we tried to show.’


The group plan to share their film with local schools so that young people can make more informed decisions about these drugs after seeing their effects.


Patricia says: ‘Of course we can’t stop people, but giving them a greater understanding about what can happen could at least make them think twice.


‘There are plenty of other ways to enjoy life - legal highs doesn’t need to be one of them.’


For more information on legal highs and help, visit the Talk to FRANK website.


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Author: N. Farooq


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