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Posted On: 26th Jun 2013

Accepting Asexuality

Corinna in Wales
Fixer Corinna

A 21-year-old Fixer, concerned with the misconceptions young people have surrounding asexuality, is raising the profile of this misunderstood sexual identity.


Corinna Wan, who defines herself as a demi-asexual, feels many people cannot understand the concept of asexuality.


An asexual person is defined as ‘a person who does not experience sexual attraction’, but Corinna thinks people struggle to understand this definition because there is not a lot of attention paid to asexuality.


‘When I do talk about asexuality in humans, many people do not know it exists,’ she says.


‘If you describe what it is, it is assumed by others that asexual people just dislike sex. I have heard a lot of hurtful things about asexuals.


‘But in reality, a lot of asexuals have fully functioning relationships, with and without asexual partners. It’s not that there is no desire for love, but there is just less of an emphasis on sexual attraction.’


A 2004 study into asexuality in the UK found that only one per-cent of the population define themselves as asexual.


Corinna, who is a student at Bangor University, Wales, believes that asexuality would be more accepted if people stopped thinking of it as a choice to not have sex.


'Some people see asexuals as people who simply deny sex because they are repressed or prudish.


‘With such a sexualised society today, you seem to be an outcast if you are not sexually attracted all the time.


‘But being asexual is no different from being homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual. It is part of who you are, and it does not change how you should be treated.


‘Through my project, I hope I can encourage unity among all people – no matter how you choose to live your life.’


For more information on asexuality, click this link.


Author: Ashley Scrace


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