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Posted On: 27th Nov 2012

Through a Child's Eyes

Luke with some of the CR team in Wales

A self-confessed 'teenage bad boy' is making a film to help youths stay away from crime and make something of their lives.


Originally from Hackney, London, Luke Kirkland now aims to show anything is possible despite the community you were brought up in.


The 22-year-old grew up in care but since studying Youth and Community Work at University in Wales he is keen to help children better themselves by broadening their horizons away from crime and anti-social activities.


“I want to help youths in care and youths on the verge of becoming prolific offenders to see how much more to life there actually is,” he said.


“There is no opportunity to mix with other young people and experience new things in certain areas, and that’s what I want to change."


His Fix, ‘Through a Child’s Eyes’, aims to inspire young people to make something of their lives despite personal circumstances. 


His film incorporates a spoken word narrative which guides viewers through an area of Hackney, encountering various scenarios that a young child living in the area may be exposed to on a daily basis. 


One thing Luke does not want to do, however, is to stereotype all children from his home town of Hackney, but instead highlight how many young people are not aware they have other choices when all they witness are gangs, peer pressure to conform, and a lack of support.


With this film, Luke would like to take a number of youth clubs from all over the country and mix them all together, forcing them to meet new people and share experiences to really see what else the world has to offer.


"Since coming to University in Wales, I have had time to clear my head. I feel like I am myself for the first time.


"I'm trying to educate people on the barriers/choices we as young people face every day," said Luke.


"Not many people create a successful life for themselves or do something positive when they come from areas that are known for crime. With help, I’m trying to be one."


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