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You’ve heard it before, but doing something productive with your time shapes the path for your future and helps you get closer to the goals you would like to achieve.


Whether it’s work or play, the activities you do in your life can influence your confidence, your communication skills, and can look good on a CV. Knowing how to prepare for a job interview, taking up a sport or writing poetry are all examples of things you can take up to enrich your life and improve your future prospects.


All the Fixers on this page have created campaigns to help others make the most of employment and leisure opportunities. They are sharing their stories and experiences to inspire others to seize the day.



See everything that Fixers have created on this issue by clicking on the icons to the right for completed campaign resources, news stories and our Youtube channel!



115,000 18 to 24-year-olds have been unemployed for longer than two years.


(Source: BBC)


Want a sneak peak? Watch the films below, which are just two examples of the many Fixers campaigns that are making a difference.

Work Experience Story

Simon Boothroyd (16) is encouraging local employers to offer young people more fulfilling work placements that help them gain practical skills for the future. Click here to find out more.



Pole Fitness

Crawley Fixer Paula Bines (24) is hoping to change people's negative perceptions about pole fitness, by raising awareness about the benefits of the sport. Click here to find out more.

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Details of learning through apprenticeship as well as links and contact information, from the Learning and Skills Council.


Career advice, choices and ideas offering inspiration to find the right job.


Sport England is focused on helping people and communities across the country create a sporting habit for life.




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