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Although alcohol is legal, it is still considered a drug and can be dangerous. Whether it’s excessive alcohol intake, drink spiking or alcohol-induced crime, drinking can have adverse effects on a person’s health and lower their inhibitions, often putting themselves or others at risk.

The Fixers on this page are sharing their stories and campaigning for greater understanding of the issues relating to drinking and alcohol.

With campaigns on topics such as binge drinking, coping with alcohol addiction, or saying no to peer pressure, these Fixers are using their experiences and stories to provide a sober look at some of the perils of drink.



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Alcohol is the single biggest cause of accidents at home. Of the 4,000 fatal accidents that happen in homes in the UK every year, 400 are alcohol-related.

(Source: DrinkAware)



Want a sneak peak? Watch the films below, which are just two examples of the many Fixers campaigns that are making a difference.

Alcohol Abuse Story

A Fixer from Hampshire, who grew up fearing her mum would choose alcohol over her, is campaigning to show the damage binge drinking parents can cause their children. Click here to find out more.

Drink Drank Drunk

Plymouth Fixer Sarah Whitcher, 25, spent 14 months in rehab recovering from alcohol addiction. Now sober, she's campaigning for increased post-rehab support. Click here to find out more.


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The UK's leading specialist drug and

alcohol treatment charity, offering free, confidential advice to anyone with

drink or drug problems.

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