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Kat P

Kat P

Name: Kat Pugh
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Putney, South-West London
Campaign: To secure better treatment for people with eating disorders

I first developed an eating disorder at the age of 11 and following a relapse in my 20s, decided to seek help.

But when I went for an assessment, I was told I wasn’t ill enough to qualify for treatment.

So, I felt I had to lose more weight in order to get the support I needed.

With Fixers, I’m launching a campaign to try to prevent others from getting caught in this cycle.

I want people with eating disorders to be able to access help early - before they reach a crisis point.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Darius Ossanlow Kimberley Coulson
Hana Shiref Lia Hara
Amelia Hallsworth Charlie France
Jasmin Turner Dave Chawner
Will Haynes Lia Hendricks Brown
Sarah Yesufu Riya Suleiman
Torie Flanagan Charlotte Pateman-Clarke

The team at eating disorder charity B-eat support my Fix. They helped put me in touch with another young person with first-hand experience. Cheryl Armitage, their Director of Fundraising and Communications, also agreed to be interviewed for my broadcast piece.


Catherine Somers
Catherine supports my project. She plays the role of the GP in my Fixers film.

October 2014

I am encouraging those who have experienced eating disorders to write a letter to their local MP, calling for more early intervention services to be made available.


Click here for the template letter. All you have to do is fill out the necessary areas and send it off to your MP.


July 2014

Since my TV broadast story and the launch of my Fixers film, my campaign has received a lot of positive feedback!


Here is what some people had to say:


Emma: ‘Really proud and impressed to see your strength of character and dedication in pressing forward with this campaign, Kat. Both personal to your life and wide-reaching in the universal nature of how debilitating it is for sufferers to be met with responses such as those you've experienced, it takes a lot of courage to work to fix that response.’


Megan: ‘I am so proud of you and your strength, Kat. This is very inspirational and you inspire me and many others. Luckily for me, I got seen very quickly because my mum got the school counsellor phoning the hospital repeatedly. I got seen within 11 weeks.  I would like to help out in any way possible with your campaign.’


Antonia: ‘Well done, Kat. This is so powerful. Praying that people start to listen and make changes.’


In July, I also wrote a blog entry for the Huffington Post, outlining why I feel better mental health services are necessary. Click the image below to read!




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