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Nathan S

Nathan S

Name: Nathan Smyth
Age: 23
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Hillsborough, County Down
Campaign: To warn illegal poachers about the damage they are causing to local fish stocks

Since learning how to fish when I was about four years old, the activity has become a favourite pastime of mine. I find it really relaxing and it makes me feel at one with nature.


Sadly, a few people are continuing to break the rules by netting fish illegally and spoiling it for the rest of us.


My campaign is to show these poachers the damage they're causing to local fish reserves. 


This crime needs to stop, which is why I’m working with Fixers on a poster campaign to warn these people that what they do is wrong and it needs to stop.

A special thank you to Libe Aguayo for helping me with my Fix.

Northern Ireland's Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL)

Seamus Connor, Chief Fisheries Officer at DCAL, supported my Fixers project by providing an interview for my broadcast story. 


Lee Mawhinney, Fishery Protection Officer

Lee supported the project by appearing in my television news item. 


Lough Neagh Partnership

Alastair Fenn from the Partnership has assisted us with our Fix by providing information on the topic of poaching before we started the project.


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