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Name: Lauryn Breslan
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Newton Abbot, Devon
Campaign: To discourage teenagers from having children too early

I have two children and had my first when I was just seventeen years old.


Despite the fact that I am engaged to their father and we rent our own place, people automatically assume differently.


I regularly get things shouted at me in the street, people stop me to tell me their opinion on my life or give me dirty looks. 


For my Fixers campaign, I would like to change the way people look at young parents.


I also want to discourage teenagers from starting a family too soon.


I think young people should realise that having a baby isn’t just a novelty; it is something that will change your life forever.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix: 

Emma Vallance
Abigail Butterfield
Molly Insall
Daniel Woodfield
Daniel Smith
Lydia Foley


Fay Churchill, Teign School

Thank you to Fay Churchill who appeared in my broadcast piece to support my campaign.


Glyn Newport, Mr Biscuits

Thank you to Glyn Newport who allowed us to use his cafe for the filming of my broadcast story.

October 2014

My Fixers resource is now complete! Click the link below to read more about my campaign.




This month, a couple of us also attended a NHS Equality and Diversity Working Group at Newton Abbot Hospital where we spoke about what it’s like to be young parents and how we feel NHS staff treat us. The group was made up of a variety of health care professionals, including midwives and child psychologists, and our message was well-received.

Now that our resource is ready we’ll be continuing with our workshops at local schools, teaching pupils about the realities of being a young parent. I've already visited Teign School to speak to students aged 13 to 17. Here is some of their feedback:


'It has helped me a lot to realise that young parents do have a big responsibility and it's not necessarily as you see in the media.'

'I think it's good for people who have had these experiences to talk to teenagers because it gives them a heads-up on what it's really like.'

'I think it was brave of Lauryn to come in and talk to us because it is very personal to share her experiences. She seems very responsible and mature.'


July 2014

My campaign was featured in the Western Morning News, the Torquay Herald Express, the Mid Devon Star, the Daily Mail Online and on the Palm FM website.



I was also interviewed for BBC Radio Exeter, a BBC breakfast broadcast, BBC Spotlight and Heart FM Exeter - all to challenge negative stereotypes of young mums.


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