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Catherine L

Catherine L

Name: Catherine Law
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Dundee
Campaign: To end negative stereotypes of young mothers

Some of my friends are young parents and I know how hard it can be for them.


But it’s made twice as difficult when people think that it’s okay to stereotype and deem them to be unfit mothers just because they’re young.


In fact, many young parents do a tremendous job juggling their responsibilities at home with work and other things.


With Fixers, I’m campaigning to end people’s prejudices of young parents and encourage them to recognise their hard work.


The campaign will hopefully empower more young mothers to be themselves and not have to feel ashamed or like they're not worthy of respect.  

A special thank you to Fixers Jessica Bichard and Rachael Lennie for helping me with my Fix.

Jaqui Martin

Jaqui supported my Fix by offering her make-up services during the filming process.


Abertay University

The university supported my Fixers project by allowing us to film at various locations around campus. Thank you to Events and Administrative Officer Katie Anderson for helping us.


July 2014

My campaign was featured on the Facebook for Gingerbread, an organisation who provide advice and support to single parents. I received some comments on the post which can be read below:


'This is a lovely film! Well done.'


'We are all hardworking and dedicated to bringing up the next generation, no matter if you are a student, working or unemployed. It's good to raise awareness that we don't do this just to be on benefits, we do this because we love our children and we do the best we can.'


A story about my Fixers campaign was featured in the Dundee Courier, and on the Tay AM and Dundee Channel websites.



I also received an email from a young mother who left some really encouraging feedback about my campaign. She wrote:


'I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your video. I am a 22-year-old mother of two and I hate the stereotype I am tarred with. I never realised how lonely being a mum could be purely because you miss out on a lot of the things that older mums get to do as you are looked down upon. I think more young mums need to be recognised and people need to see that we are just the same - and more importantly so are our children.'


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