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Name: Eloise Sears
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Hastings, East Sussex
Campaign: To encourage people to take a stand against bullying

I know what it’s like to be bullied and how it feels to experience both emotional and physical abuse.

When I was targeted, name-calling and put-downs soon turned to violence and I had no idea where to go for help.

It’s my view that people are aware when someone is being bullied, but they fail to take action or do anything about it.

So, with Fixers, my team and I are working on a campaign to ask others to speak out if they see someone suffering.   

It could mean reporting an incident to a teacher – for instance a sly comment being made or someone being shoved in the playground.

I hope that by encouraging others to take a stand against bullies, fewer young people will have to go through what I went through.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Adam Newman Martin Edwards Andrew Nichols
George Dacian Robert Williams Hayley Redston
Josh Simenell Abi White

Luke O'Brien

Jake Fox Jordan Woodcock Lauren Clark
Chelsea Dawe Zoe Lemon Alice Streater
Rhiannon Bulman Alex Dooley Hannah Lushey
Alycia Ridley Robyn Saunders Robyn Matthews
Rebekah Finch George Walker Kristina Beadle
Harriet Weeks Sarah Brock Emily Chambers
Heather Smith Ashleigh Johnson Isabel Poku-Ginn
Keris-Rae Ashley Josie Brown Jodie Knowles-Baker
Josh Rankin Kerrie Cruttenden Taylor Trundle
Damien Perry Owen Fuller James Stevens
Sian Alexander    

Chloe Hine
Chloe Hine has supported my Fix. Chloe and her mum, Emma, set up an anti-bullying charity after Chloe experienced bullying. They both agreed to appear in my broadcast piece.

May 2015
I've had some really positive feedback from those who have seen my posters. You can read some of the comments I've received below.

'I think Eloise's project strikes a chord because I was bullied at work, a long time ago, so I can empathise. The project is a really clever one. It gets people to take ownership of an issue by literally putting them in the poster via the mirror. It is ideal for schools and colleges and also for the workplace. She is to be congratulated for such a great idea. I can't praise it enough.'

'This is an inspiration for younger generations. No-one should feel inferior. Everyone should feel special.'

'Love the mirrors! They make the poster stand out. Don't be afraid to tell people about bullying. Stand up to it.'

'I think Eloise's posters are amazing. To stop bullying I would help the person being bullied by being their friend and helping them through it.'

'If you see someone getting bullied, it's easy to just stand by and watch. DON'T. Make sure the person is okay because you wouldn't want to be in their shoes.'


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