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Name: Taylor MacLeod
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Pembrokeshire, South West Wales
Campaign: To make others aware that their banter could be bullying

Although I didn't know it at the time, I was a bit of a bully in the past.


I guess I took things too far sometimes, and I didn’t realise it.


Many of us don’t recognise how we act can impact another person's life through teasing.


Giving them a funny name, giving them a funny look.


I regret every moment of it. 


Wanting to show how jokes and banter can be quite hurtful and harmful, my group and I have created a campaign with the help of Fixers.


The project will hopefully encourage young people to think about their own actions and change their behaviour if need be.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Bethan Cant

Georgia Quinn

Gwenllian Ebenezer

Jodie Lewis

Joshua James

Rhys Allison

Joseph Salerno, Pembrokeshire Mind

In my broadcast piece, Joseph Salerno discussed the impact bullying can have on mental health.


Jade Thomas, Youth Worker

Jade Thomas appeared in my broadcast to lend support to my campaign.


Tracy Slaney, Taylor's Mum

Thank you to my mum who appeared in my broadcast to show her support and encouragement for my campaign.

October 2014
My broadcast piece and Fixers film were presented at the Cardiff Against Bullying Youth Conference on Thursday 23rd October. The resources received positive feedback, including the comments below.


‘The video was really inspiring. I realise now that not everyone is the same.’


‘It was very educational and challenged perceptions that people may have.’


‘I found this to be a very powerful presentation – keep up the good work!


June 2014
A story about my Fixers campaign and broadcast piece was featured in the Western Telegraph.


May 2014

Feedback from my film has been really encouraging. You can read some of these comments below:


Josh Matthews, Bullies Out:

'I thought the film was good. A lot of anti-bullying resources are understandably really serious and intense, but I liked how this one was a bit more light-hearted while still getting its message across.


'It was good to have it from the side of the bully. It presented a person that didn't realise the consequences of what they were doing. It will hopefully make people think about the way they're treating others and think about how other people feel.'


Tim Ramsey, Youth Worker at Pembroke County Council:

'I like how the emphasis is on the bully and not the victim which is quite unique. It's message is powerful yet subtle. I can see the film working as a tool for young people in their peer-to-peer delivery on the topic of bullying.'


I've also had some positive feedback from young people who have seen my film:


'I thought that the film was very effective. It shows how bullying isn't always physical and often starts with name-calling and verbal abuse.'


'I think that the film works well in attracting it's audience as it is an animation. I also like the fact that the bully character isn't actually aware of the harm he is causing as this happens in real life.'


'The film was subtle in the way that it deals with the issue of bullying which you don't always see in films like this. I think it's original and it makes you think differently.'


'Thanks for this!'


'This really touched me. Thank you for sharing!'


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