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Name: Maria Munir
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: York
Campaign: To educate the public about facial palsy

I was born with facial palsy. It’s a condition which, as a result of nerve damage, causes one side of my face to droop. 


Sleeping is very difficult, because one of my eyes is also affected and unable to fully shut. 


It’s hard to speak with people because some of them don’t care what you’re saying - they’re wondering why your face is the way it is.


Knowing what it's like to live with the condition, I hope my Fixers campaign will help those with facial palsy realise that they are not alone.


By raising awareness and understanding among the public, my wish is for more people to be understanding and recognise that it could happen to anyone, at any age.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Alex Davison

Amelia Tearle

Callam Neville

Eleanor Dunsdon

George Workman

Grace Chapman
Inunn Lara Kristjansditter

Facial Palsy UK

Vanessa Venables supported my Fix by providing an interview for my ITV News story.

June 2014

Stories about my Fixers campaign have been featured in the Yorkshire Times, The Star, the Watford Observer and the Harrogate Advertiser.


I was also interviewed on BBC 3 Counties Radio and the student newspaper York Vision published a story about my Fix.


Following my ITV News broadcast story, I have received very positive feedback for my campaign. See some of these comments below!


'I have just seen you on ITV News Calendar - you are amazing and an inspiration to others. As a sufferer of Bell’s palsy many years ago, I totally agree with using the web and anything else you can to raise awareness. Mine was brought on by being pregnant and trapped nerves, and still 30 years later it can be seen especially when I am tired. As you said in your report, people thought I was messing about in the pictures they saw. Good luck with your campaign!' 


'I just have to say what an inspirational young lady you are. The report you made on the news this evening was brilliant, so informative and handled perfectly. I have been living with Bell's palsy for over fourteen years so can identify with all the issues you have raised. I will be following your story. Thank you for having the courage to educate more people about this. I couldn't agree more that there isn't enough information about it and a lot of people do not understand what it can be like to live with.'


May 2014
A story about my Fixers campaign was featured in the Nouse, the University of York’s student newspaper.


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