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Josh S

Josh S

Name: Josh Scott
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Brighton
Campaign: To raise awareness about asexuality and sexual identity

As a young person, peer pressure can sometimes feel overwhelming, and when it comes to sex, I feel like this pressure can come from society as a whole.


It's my opinion that the over sexualisation of our world can have a negative impact on young people still unsure about their sexual identity.  


I’m asexual, and I think people - regardless of their orientation - shouldn't feel forced to make a decision before they feel ready.


With the help of Fixers, I made a short documentary and am creating a booklet to encourage young people to understand asexuality and also know that it’s okay to wait.


Though different aspects of sexuality are becoming increasingly more accepted, there are still some minorities that can feel isolated.


I want to show young people that decisions about sex and sexuality are up to them and they don't  have to bow to peer pressure.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Amber Ayris

Connie McMurdo

Emily Jayne

Ren Feest

Sarah Eade

Vana O'Brien

Sanctuary Supported Living

Sanctuary is the UK’s leading provider of care, housing and community services.


The not-for-profit organisation is backing our campaign and working in partnership with Fixers to help support young people across the country address the issues they want to fix.


With over 94,000 units of accommodation across England and Scotland, Sanctuary believe that building strong communities and inspiring people to make a real difference is as important as providing them with a home.


Sussex Community NHS Trust

Amelia Lyons, Wendy Gardiner and Geraldine Hicks from the Sussex Community NHS Trust helped me with the research for my documentary piece.


Justine Orme, Claude Nicol Centre

Justine Orme appeared in my documentary to give her professional opinion on the sexualisation of society.


Natalie Woods, LGBT Brighton

In my documentary, Natalie Woods from LGBT Brighton discussed the prejudice that can still exist around different sexual orientations.


Brighton and Sussex University Hospital

Lucie Brand from the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital aided with my documentary piece by helping with research.

April 2014
I have written a blog post to share how positive my experience with Fixers has been. Here is a short excerpt from the entry:


I know it's a bit of a cliché thing for me to say that Fixers gives you a voice, but they really do. Not only do they give you a voice, they actually care about it.


Not only that but they deliver you with resources that can be used in the long term.


I met with experts who can help me with my long term goal and they listened to what I had to say. Now that's a memory worth keeping.


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