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Jordan D

Jordan D

Name: Jordan Daly
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Innerleithan, Scottish Borders
Campaign: To eduate people about hidden illnesses and disabilities

I have an extremely rare condition called hereditary multiple exestosis (HME).


It’s a defect that causes me to get bony growths at the end of my joints, which are often painful and require surgery.


But because the condition is not immediately obvious, many people think it’s okay to judge me and poke fun.


In the past I’ve been bullied at school and called all sorts of names including 'freak' and 'squint legs'.


My Fixers project is about educating others about hidden illnesses and disabilities, so others can better understand what we’re really feeling on the inside.


Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Alexandra Daly

Bethany Daly

Jack Borthwick

Shona Murray, Surgeon

Shona supported my Fixers project by providing an interview for my broadcast story.


Gordon Daly

My father featured in my TV story and supports my Fixers campaign.

April 2014

Feedback from my Fixers project has been great so far with many people relating to my campaign message. You can read some of these comments below.


Diane, Dumfries and Galloway College: 'I am a mum with this condition, I have three children who all have HME, but I have brought my children up to enjoy life. They understand how serious it is but they have learned to be positive. No one deserves to be bullied so all I can say is achieve what you want - you will be the one with a smile on your face, not the bullies.'


Joan: 'My sister's husband suffers from HME, he has worked all his life trying to prove he is no different from other people.'


Angie: 'My husband was bullied for fifty years, it's other people who have the problem, not you!'


Vanessa: 'I just want to give you a vote of support. My daughter has a hidden illness and we completely understand everything that you say. Good luck with your Fix, you're doing a good job.'


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Fixer hero

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