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Name: Carla Caldecott
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales
Campaign: To encourage victims of bullying to speak out

I was bullied for years in school and understand how frightening it can be to speak out and seek help.


Eventually the bullying got so bad that I was afraid to even attend school for fear of name-calling and physical abuse.


I was assigned a mentor and finally found help and support for what I was going through.


My family, teachers, the police and the school nurse all helped me gain confidence and cope with my problems.


I felt like a completely different girl when I returned to school, and even if I was still picked on, it didn’t affect me as much as it used too.


I now want to help other victims of bullying find this confidence and have created a poster with the help of Fixers to show them that it’s okay to speak out.


I want to let them know that asking for help is the bravest thing they could ever do. 

Cardiff Against Bullying
Nicola Bartlett, Training and Development Officer, and the rest of the team at Cardiff Against Bullying are supporting my Fixers project. They’re helping me to share my posters with secondary schools in Cardiff, and say they’ll use my resource in their workshops.

October 2014
My posters were launched at the Cardiff Against Bullying Youth Conference on Thursday 23rd October. They received some great feedback from teachers and school pupils, including the comments below.

‘This is a fantastic resource that I will use in my lessons.’

‘The posters really make you think! I’d like them to be shown at my school because I see people like that every day.’


‘The posters were cool and made a lot of sense to me.’


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