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Holly H

Holly H

Name: Holly Horsley
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Keswick, Cumbria
Campaign: To show young people the power of meditation

I started practising meditation a year ago and feel it is a skill which would have benefited me in childhood.


With school life increasingly stressful for children, I believe that students need to be taught new ways to cope with the pressure.


For my Fixers project, I am campaigning for primary schools to teach children meditation techniques from an early age.


I believe these stress-reducing exercises will help young people feel more centred, calmer and more in control at potentially difficult moments in their life.

NHS Cumbria

Dr Guinevere Chivers supported my Fix by appearing in my broadcast story.


Simon Richardson, Meditation Trainer

Simon supported my Fix by leading a meditation session with primary school children, which was filmed for my broadcast piece.



March 2014

My article was mentioned in the Westmorland Gazette. You can click here to read the full article.


Since my ITV broadcast I've also had great feedback from people who are supportive of my idea. You can read some of  these comments below:



'Well done Holly, you're a star! The best time to start practicing meditation is when you're young, and it's not complicated either. If you don't succeed it doesn't matter, the practice is still hugely beneficial. If you achieve just one second of quiet mind you are doing really well.'



'Good luck with the project Holly! The need is there.'


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