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Name: Keriann McDonnell
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Cardiff
Campaign: To increase understanding about BPD

I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) - a mental health condition that, in my view, too few people know about.


BPD can have negative effects on your life in many ways due to the stigma that I feel is often attached.


I think sometimes people are fearful of what they don't understand, and a lot of my friends who have the disorder will often find it hard to speak to people unless it is someone they can relate too.


This is why, with the help of Fixers, I decided to make a short film to show others what it can be like to live with BPD.


I feel that increasing understanding of this disorder will break down harmful stereotypes and misunderstandings, allowing people with BPD to be better understood and supported by others.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Amber Buttiegieg-Lane

Amy Nash

Elizabeth Walmsley

Emily-Jade Scott

Jaye Sheppard

Luke Seidel-Hass

Melanie Stevens

Robyn Noble


February 2014

My Fixers film was screened at a launch event for mental health and mind-related issues in Cardiff. The response to my film was overwhelming and I had some really encouraging feedback. Scroll down to read the comments:


'I loved the video- it was really interesting. I think what you are doing is really great and brave, because of the stereotype that is already in people's mind. Changing that is amazing.'


'It was very good and interesting, this is a new topic for us!'


'Amazing video! Really brings to light what it's like to live with BPD.'

'I think this was an incredibly brave act to put out this message. Thank you so much! I have bipolar and I feel like the symptoms can be similar although yours is much harder. I feel lots better because of your film and encouragement.'


'Thank you for your awareness on this disorder and I hope your campaign goes well.'

'Well done! A deeply no nonsense video illustrating the confusion, frustration and helplessness regarding the situation!'


'So brave to share your story and help others. You're an inspiration. Fantastic video too.'


Fixer Keriann with her certificate at the event



Feedback since the release of my film has been equally as encouraging! See these comments below:



'I'm so impressed with this! It's inspiring me! We should quash the stigma of BPD and paint a picture of reality.'


'Fantastic video and well explained. I have bipolar, OCD and BPD so I found your video very good to show family to help them understand. You're a very brave young lady to do this.'



'My son has BPD, I really enjoyed watching this.'



'It's really good! You should be proud.'


'This opened my eyes. From one student to another you're pretty inspirational!'



'Well done! This is really good and brave of you!'



'This is excellent, well done. Great job in helping to raise awareness.'


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