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Name: Elizabeth Cardozo
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Bristol
Campaign: To encourage young people to think about starting a business

Young people aren’t always aware of all the options available to them when they leave school.


For many, university might not be the best move. It can be competitive and expensive.


Along with the rest of my team, we’d like to see more young people thinking about the possibility of setting up their own businesses.


We’ve found too many young adults don’t know the basics when it comes to starting a successful enterprise – mainly because they’ve never been taught.


Our plan is to devise workshops to deliver to sixth formers that focus on topics including profits, budgets and marketing.


With the help of Fixers we’d like to create workbooks for the students to use to record what they learn.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Rachel Cunningham Andrew Calumn Foulkes
Atishay Jain Elena Brooker
Sheetal Kumar Agrawalla Matthew Cordwell
Yogesh Agawal Janu Kamra
Ruth Khaw  

March 2014

We held a workshop for A Level Business students at Merchants' Academy in Bristol and handed out our workbooks! Some of the positive feedback we received can be seen below:


Jonathon Black, Head of Business A Level at Merchants' Academy:

'This Fixers project has been good as it has given my students freedom of ideas and has exposed them to different ways of doing business. It has made them aware of the different opportunities available to them as A Level students. The workbook has made the project look professional and this is important so that my students take it seriously.'


Rico (16):

'The work book we have been given has helped us track our progress and organise our work on the course!'


Ryan (16):

'This course has been really good as it is delivered by young people not much older than us. We have been able to get on with developing our own ideas. This wouldn't be possible on our curriculum course - this is much more creative and practical.'


Curtis (16):

'The workbook is really educational and has been a good resource and has helped us understand definitions about social enterprise. The course has shown me that young people have lots of different opportunities in life - including being social entrepreneurs.'


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