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Name: Noah Barco
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Coverack, Cornwall
Campaign: To expose the hidden poverty in Cornwall

I live in Cornwall, the picturesque holiday destination popular with tourists.


Unfortunately, this idyllic image means people aren’t always aware of the poverty that also exists there.


Cornwall is now the poorest area in the United Kingdom and I feel that facts about the Cornish economy are too often kept from people.


Making these statistics known might help with gaining public aid for those in need.


With the help of Fixers, my team and I have created a set of postcards depicting traditional snapshots of Cornwall, but with the addition of a scratch panel.


Scratch the surface and people can reveal startling facts about the holiday spot and the poverty that goes on behind the scenes.


We hope to distribute these postcards to local decision-makers and the general public, in the hope of uncovering this hidden face of Cornwall.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Archie Rutterford

Connor McLelland
Daniella Atkinson

Ewan Richardson

Harry Deacon

Lucy Cooper
Mike Stuart
Shamus Birch
Tom Armstrong


Helston Community College

Mr Matt Porter is the Head of 6th Form at Helston Community College, where I attend, and has supported my Fixers campaign from the beginning. Ms Natalie Williams also supports our Fix and helped by arranging meeting rooms where we could work on our campaign.


Doctor Garry Tregidga, Assistant Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies

Dr Tregidga appeared in my broadcast to shed some light on the context of Cornwall's poverty.


Sarah Simons, Food Bank Co-Ordinator, Penryn/Falmouth Foodbank

Ms Simons has appeared in my ITV broadcast to discuss the role foodbanks play in Penryn.


Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth

Ms Newton appeared in my broadcast to state what she wishes to discuss with Prime Minister David Cameron in regards to Cornwall's financial situation.


Rob Poole, Cornwall Rural Community Council

Mr Poole, a Rural Economy Officer, distributed our Fixers postcards at a conference held in March 2014, which was attended by 80-plus delegates as well as a DEFRA minister.

March 2014

I presented my Fixers campaign and broadcast story to over 300 Year-11 students at Helston College. The postcards I created with the help of Fixers were also distributed to students.


Feedback from the event was very positive. Here’s what two students had to say:


James Hosking: 'I really enjoyed the assembly, as I had not previously known of the huge numbers of poor children in Cornwall. The use of the postcards with the key facts were very hard-hitting, making the assembly so effective. The use of the video was fantastic as it put the message across well.'


Holly Bardell: 'The tour around the foodbank in the film was especially good as it really opened your eyes to the reality of the situation that a lot of people face. It really reminds you that this could affect anyone so you should help out if you can. The postcards made are amazing and definitely a good way to put across the message.'

Our Fixers project was featured in This is Cornwall. You can click here to read the full article.


Since the broadcast of our campaign on ITV, we've received supportive messages from members of the public. You can read some of these comments below:


Alison: 'Well raised, I really like the postcard idea. Foodbanks are becoming more necessary.'


Adam: 'Good to see a young person with such concern for others! Good luck and keep up the good work.'


Tony: 'Just seen your film Noah, love the postcards.'


Vivien: 'What an awesome documentary. Well done Noah!'


February 2014

Our Fixers postcards are now complete! Click below to enlarge and view them.




After hearing about these postcards and my project, here is what Sarah Simons, Foodbank Co-ordinator at Penryn/Falmouth Foodbank had to say:


‘When I heard of Noah’s project about raising awareness of poverty in Cornwall, I was encouraged that a young person felt it was important to address something that is becoming more of an issue than we often realise.


‘We are really looking forward to meeting Noah and seeing the impact that his project can have when people are made aware that Cornwall isn’t just a holiday destination, but a place where people live in pockets of poverty that are often undiscovered.’



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