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Name: Shenola David
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Birmingham
Campaign: To show young people that it's okay to wait to have sex

It’s my view that a lot of young people, particularly those under the age of 21, can feel pressured into having sex.


Many don’t realise that they’re not alone in wanting to wait, so feel it’s something they have to do because everyone else is doing it.


It’s important young people understand that it’s not a crime to say no or to tell your partner that you’re not ready.


With the help of Fixers, my group and I want to create a film to get across the message that it’s okay to wait.


We hope the film will show young people that sex is something that should happen when you’re sure you won’t regret it later.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Janeice Daley T'lah Paul
T'merrah Paul Chimango Kankwamba
Devarnio Connolly Kerina Williams
Markell Wallace Monica Nakazwe
Paige Christie Renaldo McCollin
Talisha Johnson  




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Fixer hero

Charity No 298643    Company No 2194957