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Name: Eugene Diamond
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Bellaghy, County Londonderry
Campaign: Challenging negative youth stereotypes

As a young person, I sometimes feel that older members of the community look down on me as if I’m up to no good.


While there are obviously a few bad eggs in every walk of life, I don’t think the actions of a few should determine the fate of all others.


My group and I want to promote community cohesion in Bellaghy and encourage people our age to mix with older generations.


We want to show them that we’re not all out to cause mayhem and that we can all get along together.


With the help of Fixers, we’re sending out gift hampers to residents along with postcards with uplifting poetry on them.


Hopefully this will go some way towards changing their views on us.


Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Aine McErlean

Caoímhe McAleese

Caolán McAleese

Cormac Larkin

Emma Bateson

Erin Convery

Megan Doyle

Ruairi Milne

Sean McNally

Tara Donnelly

Thomas McAuley

Tiegan Harrison


House of Flowers

Maria McMullan helped our Fix by providing packaging for the food hampers.


Bellaghy Primary School

Mary-Lou Richmond supported our Fixers project by providing some of the items for the food hampers.



Wilson Cochrane is a youth worker, who has been working closely with us on this project.



Neil McNicholl helped by printing our postcards.



February 2014

The reaction to our Fixers project has been great. Here's some of the feedback we've had:


Mrs Richmond, Principal at Bellaghy Primary School: 'This is an excellent project and one which Bellaghy Primary School is happy to support.'


Sam Donaldson, Magherafelt PSNI Area Commander: 'This is a fantastic project. Fixers are to be commended for providing the opportunity for young people to make a positive difference, particularly where the focus is intergenerational as it is in this case. Knowing the journey that these young people are on, they too are to be commended for their honesty and willingness to make a positive difference in their community.'


Sandra Overend, MLA for Bellaghy: 'Your project sounds interesting, challenging and hopefully worthwhile!'


Here are some of the comments we've received from recipients of our gift hampers.


Margaret McErlane, Senior Citizen and Bellaghy Resident: 'Thank you. This is a lovely gift and a lovely thought from the young people.'

Margaret O'Neill, Senior Citizen and Bellaghy Resident: 'This is very much appreciated, especially as it comes from these young people.'

Rosemary Cairns, Senior Citizen and Bellaghy Resident: 'I know these young people have really turned over a new leaf and this is a great way to show it. Thank you.'

Frank McCluskey, Senior Citizen and Bellaghy Resident: ''Thank you for the lovely gift. As a community we are better together and what the young people are doing with the hamper and the poems is a lovely reminder of that at this time of year.'

May Gilmore, Senior Citizen and Bellaghy Resident: 'This is very thoughtful, thank you. I appreciate it very much.'


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