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Name: Zoe Aldred
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Petersfield, Hampshire
Campaign: To show that deaf people are employable

Like many young people I have struggled to find work. However, for me, this isn’t because I don’t have the right skills – I’m a qualified hair stylist. It’s because I’m profoundly deaf and as time has gone on I’ve become aware that employers see me as a ‘risk’.


I’m adamant that this shouldn’t be the case. Deaf people can work. We just find other ways to communicate with customers, clients and colleagues.


With the help of Fixers, I’m working on a campaign targeting recruiters to urge them to treat deaf job candidates in the same way they would treat those who can hear.


I’m planning to create a poster focussing on three case studies to show that people with hearing impairments are just as capable in the workplace as those without.


I hope it will help other deaf people find jobs and work opportunities.

Daniel Read is helping me with my Fix.

Salon Sixteen
The team at Salon Sixteen support my Fix. They offered me a work experience placement and allowed me and the Fixers team to work on my project there.


Marriott Hotel, Portsmouth
The team at the Marriott support my Fixers project. Two of their staff members appear on my poster campaign.


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Fixer hero

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