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Chelsea J

Chelsea J

Name: Chelsea Jones
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Bradford
Campaign: Raising awareness about self-harm

My group of Fixers and I feel that self-harm isn’t a topic which many people like to talk about.


A friend of mine self-harmed and it broke my heart to see her in that way.


I’d notice the scars on her arms and wonder how it ever got so bad.


I think others like her need someone to tell them everything will be alright and to know help is out there.


With the help of Fixers, my team and I have created a radio advertisement aimed at young teenagers addressing this issue.


We want to show them that self-harming isn’t the answer and if you’re feeling low you should talk to someone.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Aamir Shaffaq Hammad Ellahi
Abbie Walker Hamza Ali
Abdal Miah Hamza Asif
Alannah Crossland Heather Barrass
Aleesha Yaqub Humaira Ali
Amra Ali Israr Ahmed
Annesah Khan Joe Howard
Ashleigh Hatton Jonaid Ahmed
Awais Shabban Joshua Atkinson
Bilaal Hussain Junaid Ahmed
Chantelle Hunt Keenene Daley
Charles Mahonde Kianaat Qadir
Christopher Nichols Leah-Faye Watson
Christopher Pilkington Lesha Pickersgill
Danyaal Butt Masimba Walker
Emily Scott Max Loftus
Faisal Rehman Megan Gregory
Farjana Begum Melissa Lee-Gorman
Fatima Khan Misha Paul
Ghulam Noor Mohammed Rahman
Monique Hunter Morgan Bell
Nadia Tariq Olivia Carroll
Rubina Begum Ryan Ahmed
Samantha Tait Sam Holmes
Sarah Prowse Shaila Nazir
Sham Khalifa Shannon Cavan
Sulleman Sadiq Tatiana Soda
Tayyab Wahid Tejal Shah
Thelma Nalupumbwe Tommy Newbury
Zainab Sanah  

February 2014

After hearing our advertisement, people have got in touch to show their support for our campaign.  You can read some of this feedback below:


Forward for Life

'What an excellent campaign - the greatest respect to Chelsea and company.'


Gemma, University of Chester

'Well done Chelsea, so proud of you. As I work with teenagers who self harm, I thought the advert was really fantastic. It was explained well about how the young people actually feel and how they use it as a coping mechanism.'



'Excellent Chelsea, well done.'



'This was so sad - it had me in tears.'


January 2014

With the help of Fixers, we finished our audio advertisement. The aim is to share it on social media and feature it on the radio to raise as much awareness as possible about self-harm.


To listen, press play below and share with your friends. Click here for the script. 



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Fixer hero

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