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Name: Tom Carpenter
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Frome, Somerset
Campaign: To improve understanding of Tourette's syndrome

Since being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome I have become aware that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it.  

For example, people often associate Tourette’s with involuntary swearing. In fact, this symptom is only experienced by a small percentage of those living with the condition.

Tics can include everything from small muscle twitches to vocal outbursts and although I feel my tics are relatively small things, I can attract attention when out in public.

Singing has helped me to cope with my Tourette’s and I now plan to use music to help others.

With Fixers I’m organising a gig in Yeovil. I hope to use the opportunity to educate others about the syndrome and correct any misunderstandings associated with it.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:

Emily Inglis Lola Kolosowskyj
Bethany Walker Matthew Graham
Oliver Foster James Partel
Steven Bartzwill Kyran Rooke
Thomas Entwistle Harry Williams
Sophie Taillor Bethany Yates
Josh Bates Charlotte Bale
Tabitha Cox Ellis Dockombe
Molly Cox Pete White
Benjamin Hardy-Philips Emily Pitman

Tourette's Action
Suzanne Dobson, Chief Executive of Tourette's Action, supports my project. She appeared in my broadcast piece, saying: 'The fact that young people like Tom are taking it into their own hands to explain their symptoms is a huge boost for the whole community.'

Pete Bennett, Big Brother Winner

Pete, who also lives with Tourette's syndrome, appeared in my broadcast piece to support my campaign. He is due to attend the music event I am organising.


Brent Zillwood

Brent is a former Fixer who also appeared on Channel 4's 'The Undateables'. He lives with Tourette's syndrome and featured in my broadcast piece in support of my campaign.

January 2014
I hosted my music night, with the help of Fixers, at the Westlands Complex in Yeovil on Saturday 18th January. Around 150 people attended.


As well as performing at the event, I also took questions from the audience along with fellow Fixer Brent Zillwood and former Big Brother winner Pete Bennett


I received the following feedback after the event:


Charlotte (25) : 'A very informative and enjoyable evening. It was so interesting to have an insight into something that for some is so unknown - along with some great music.'


Elliot (13): 'Tonight was great. I loved seeing some famous people with Tourette's as it boosted my confidence.' 

Louise (35): 'A fantastic evening - thank you Fixers for organising this event. Tom has a great voice and will go far! Pete and Brent are lovely guys.' 

Emily (24): 'I got to meet Pete and Brent. It helped boost my confidence in myself and helped me feel like I can achieve anything if I believe in myself.'


Fixers Tom Carpenter (L) and Brent Zillwood (R) join former Big Brother winner Pete Bennett at a music event to raise awareness of Tourette's.


(Photo courtesy of Mervyn Clingan of Taking Pictures)

Articles about my Fixers project appeared in the Western Gazette and Frome Times. Click on the newspaper names to read the stories.


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