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James B

James B

Name: James Butler
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Coleraine
Campaign: Managing mental health through creative writing

I was diagnosed with depression three years ago. Feeling trapped and alone, it was like the pressure of life was all too much.


But then I discovered poetry, which changed my whole world.


Writing about my emotions allows me to offload my feelings in a creative way and be someone else for a while.


With the help of Fixers, it is my aim to show young people the benefit of creative expression as a way of dealing with mental health problems.


Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Adam Howard

Alison Currie

Bethany Thomson

Chloe Platt

Chris Campbell

Rhiannon Turner

Jacob Ham

Ashley McCook

The local author attended my creative writing workshop, where she gave a speech on the benefits of writing.


Flowerfield Arts Centre

Anthony Toner, Director of Flowerfield Arts Centre, hosted the event.


Solas Wellbeing, Moyle

Tish Casey helped me develop the event.


The following people also helped facilitate the event:


Wallace McLean


Bernie McGill


Jacqui Warke


Shevaun Rafferty

January 2014
With the help of Fixers, I've created a creative writing journal, encouraging others to express themselves through the written word. I hope the book allows other young people to start their creative journey!





November 2013

I held my creative writing workshop in Portstewart on Saturday 30th November. Below is some feedback I received from participants.


William (18): 'I enjoyed spending time doing different writing exercises. They helped me shift my focus and think about things differently and I'm looking forward to doing it again.'


Conor (18): 'Creative writing helps me express myself. Events like these are good because I can connect with other people like me, who like to write and without people criticizing us.'


Jacob (21): 'Being given the confidence to just put thoughts on paper is really good.'


Wallace (30):  'The opportunity to take the time to write in a space where other people are doing the same, in loads of different ways, is very relaxing. This was a great event.'


Rebecca (30): 'This has been a great event. It has helped me express things that I've been keeping locked up and made me feel better for doing it.'


Sofie (36): 'Creative writing stopped me from committing suicide. Events like these need to happen more often to encourage more people to get writing for their own good.'


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