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Name: Elijah
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Dundee
Campaign: Support for transgender people

I always knew there was something different about me growing up.


Living as a girl made me feel trapped and I wasn’t really comfortable in my own skin.


Not having many female friends, I tended to hang around with other boys at my school because I found I could relate to them more.


When I decided to finally come out as transgender last year, it wasn’t too much of a shock for my friends because I think they already knew.


I don’t feel there is enough support out there for transgender people so I’ve decided to work with Fixers to create a booklet offering advice and information.


It will also help family and friends understand how to support and respect transgender people.


The aim is to make others see that we are part of the community and have feelings just like everyone else.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Gary Cunningham
Marc Young
Gabe Patterson 

LGBT Youth

LGBT Youth has supported my Fixers project by helping us find a venue for meetings. They also helped provide content for the booklet.

January 2014

The response to my campaign has been amazing. We've had plenty of support, and you can read some of this feedback below:


Julie Ann Lyons, LGBT Youth and Community development worker:

'This is a great resource, we'll definitely be using the booklet and would love more of them. There is a real need for something like this as currently there aren't really any resources for the trans community.


I like that it is 'youthy', it's bright and colourful, and has just the right amount of information so it's easy to read. I think the explanation of terms is really useful because it can make people feel awkward when they don't know how to refer to someone, or what the correct terminology is.


I think this will really help people talk about being transgender and be a good icebreaker.'


Bert McGregor, Support Assistant at The Richmond Fellowship Scotland:

'Looks good! I'm sure it will be of great support for folks.'


Nathan (17):
'Explains the terms and phrases associated with trans people well, also good for knowing the 'Do's and Dont's''


Nikolas (20):
'Good explanation of the terms associated with trans people. Nice and accessible.'


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