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Theo and Dec

Theo and Dec

Name: Theo Gregory and Dec Mason
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Brighton
Campaign: To tackle bullying through theatre

We think it’s high time that action was taken to tackle the problem of bullying and want to encourage young people who are being bullied to speak out and get help.


We’re leading a group of young people as part of our Fixers project – many in the group have been bullied themselves.


Together, we’ve devised a play with an anti-bullying message that we’ve already performed to 5-star reviews and standing ovations at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


With the help of Fixers, we are creating a trailer to give a taste of what our play is all about.


We’re planning to send this to schools and hope that once they’ve seen it, we’ll be able to go into both schools and colleges to perform our play to students.


We’re hoping that by reaching a wider audience, we can go some way to helping other young people face the issue of bullying head-on.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Evelyn Hooton
Lydia Hague
Sophia Razin
Ella Betts
Paige-Marie Baker-Carroll
Owen Edmonds
Rosie Taylor-Kitson
Hayley Cann

November 2013

We held an event for people to see our finished project and received encouraging feedback. Liam Hackett from the anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label said of our campaign:


'It was so powerful, and it had true accounts as to what young people face in society and in the educational setting. I would like to see this go into more schools across Brighton and Hove and spread to other areas too.'


Below are comments from young people and parents who attended.


Kate, parent: 'As a parent, watching this piece made me more aware of what my daughters may go through and how frightening it is to think that society can behave like this. Very hard-hitting and emotional.This needs to be seen by young people and adults.'


Ella, 15: 'I've never seen such a good play by people of my age. It was so powerful and moved so many people. I wish every school could see this.'


Cammie, 15: 'It was so moving, incredibly well thought out and close to the truth. Amazing.'


Helen, parent: 'This makes me more aware of what my own children could face in school. I think every school and parent should see this. Excellent and well thought through.'


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