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Name: 'Lucy'
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: North-East Scotland
Campaign: Helping children of addicted parents

My childhood was really tough and it’s affected me a lot.


I want to help people understand what it feels like to experience long-term drug abuse in your family, and encourage children and young people to speak out if something is wrong at home.


In order to achieve this, I would like to create something that teachers and professionals working with children could use to help them spot the signs earlier.


Because my life has been constantly hindered by the long-term drug use of my father, I still suffer with anxiety and depression.


You can feel very alone, like no one understands you and the stress and trauma of having a parent that uses drugs can go on and on for years if no one helps you.


I've seen and experienced things that still give me nightmares, and I feel so angry that my life has been so restricted and sometimes ruined because of his behaviour and actions.


I don’t want other children to feel the same way I do or experience the traumas that I did as a child.

October 2013

Here's what a few teachers have to say about my Fixers project.


Headteacher: 'I think the leaflet is extremely powerful because it has a personal perspective and story. It also has very practical advice and could be read and used by a wide audience of people working in any caring profession at whatever level. Well done to the author and to the great work you do.'


Primary School Teacher: 'Helping Children of Addicted Parents is a well written and enlightening booklet which will have an impact on all who read it.'


Head Teacher: 'Heartbreakingly honest, engaging and informative - brilliant.'


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