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Name: Richie 'Pine' Royal
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: St Paul's, Bristol
Campaign: Encouraging young people to follow their own path and steer clear of crime

I am from St Paul’s, an inner-city area which has a reputation for being the drugs and crime centre of Bristol, and I’ve seen how this can impact young people living in such communities.


Younger kids often follow the footsteps of older kids, whether their actions are good or bad. In St Paul’s, this has resulted in an on-going cycle of children being led into a life of drug dealing and crime. The reality is if street life is all you know, it’s even harder to avoid it.


For our Fixers project, we’d like to show the younger kids in our area that you can steer clear of this cycle, follow your own path and make the right choices.  


Together with the help of Fixers, my team and my friend Rochelle Gordon, I am creating a film targeted at school children to show them the opportunities available to them.


By getting them to consider the positive choices that exist, we hope to encourage them to take the right path in life to change our community for the better.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Amari Cole

Daniel Brown

Leban Jama

Lynford James

Rochelle Gordon, Friend and Supporter

Rochelle is a strong supporter of our Fixers project and has been actively helping with our campaign from day one.



November 2013

Feedback from my campaign has been great. Below are some of the positive things people have commented following my broadcast on ITV News.


Andrea-Blackstory Garnett, Blackstory Records:

'You are living proof that there is hope for all our young people. You have taken a leading role in the society and I hope that there are a lot of people who watched this and think about their lives and are willing to make a change. Bless You!'


Sauda Kyalambuka:

'So proud of you Pine. Young people are looking up to you so keep up the good work.'


Lewis Ears Stacey:
'Sends out such a strong message! Relates to myself these past couple of months and I hope others can watch this and think carefully!'


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