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Name: Ross Hume
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: County Antrim
Campaign: Encouraging schools to make bagpipes part of the music curriculum

I have been playing in pipe bands for around 10 years. I’ve seen how popular they are across Northern Ireland but bagpipes is still not taught in schools.


That's why my team of Fixers and I are encouraging local schools to include piping in their music curriculum, thereby getting more young people learning to play an iconic instrument.


Teaching it in Scotland and even countries like Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, is quite common. But pipe lessons in school are virtually unheard of in Northern Ireland.


With the help of Fixers, my team and I have created a film which will hopefully make schools realise how beneficial bagpipes can be for pupils and the wider community.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix: 


Aaron McLean Darren Crooks John Fittis
Aaron Stewart Dean Smyth Jolon Cupples
Adam Fittis Emmett Conway Jordan Bailie
Adele Newell Gareth McLees Joseph Weir
Alastair Donoghy Glenn Ross Kyle Heaney
Andew Elliot Isabelle Gray Russell Stewart
Cameron McLean Jarra Bigger Lauren Hanna
Conor McCallion Jason Hasson Lindsay Hasson
Craig Rogers Jemma Hartley Marcus Wenlock
Danielle Hamilton Jenny Orr Stephen Taylor
Seana McAteer Shannon McAteer Roshan O'Donnell
Tineke Westerhuis Nicole McMullan Ross Bingham
Matthew Shaw Paul Thompson Sarah Moore
Russell Stewart Sarah McCullough Thomas Henry
Scott Barr Scott Wallace Aaron McLean
Laureen Montgomery Lachlainn Ferguson Darren Crooks 
Neil Badger Nicole Badger  

Andy McGregor, Ulster Scots Agency

Andy supported my Fixers project. He is a piping tutor with the Ulster Scots Agency and provided useful information for the Fix.


Richard Parkes MBE, Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

Richard is the PM of the pipe band and supported the Fix. He gave permission for the music track to be used on the film as well as advice on the project generally.


Sharon Baird, Belfast Boys' Model School

Sharon is Head of Music at the school. She allowed for the piping and drumming lessons, which are currently being run independently by the school, to be filmed for our Fixers film.


Ray Hall, Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (Northern Ireland Branch)

As the branch chairman, Ray Hall gave Fixers permission to promote/recruit young people at any RSPBA(NI) event/competition in Northern Ireland as well as authorised the use of any footage from RSPBA member bands in the film.


Ian Burrows, Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (Northern Ireland Branch)

As project manager for the RSPBA (NI) Ian has given advice about this campaign.


Winston Pollock, Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (Northern Ireland Branch)

Winston Pollock is the principal of the RSPBA (NI) branch school. He has provided information and advice for our project, as well as helped us promote the film.


Heather Lowry, St Malachy's College

Heather is Head of Music at the college. She allowed us to film the piping and drumming programme that she currently runs independently in the school.


Paul McHugh, Slemish College (Integrated)

Paul is the Principal of Slemish Integrated College. He provided an interview for the film commenting on how he'd love to offer piping and drumming lessons in the school if only the resources were more widely available.


Mark Wilson, Drummer & Percussionist

Mark is a world champion drummer, former member Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band and currently is a presenter on the BBC2 NI Ulster Scots programme 'Santer'. He has given advice on the project and offered his support with any event.


Paul McCrisken, NEELB (North Eastern Education and Library Board)

Thank you to Paul who appeared in our broadcast piece to provide an interview and support our campaign.

November 2013

Responses to our campaign/workshops have been really great, some of the feedback we have received can be seen below:


Bethany Orr, Pupil

'The Piping and Drumming workshop was very interesting and entertaining. I think it would be good if any one who wanted to learn could do it in school.'


Demi Matthews, Pupil

'The Piping and Drumming workshop was excellent. If there was more opportunity to learn I think a lot of people would take it up.'


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