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Laura I

Laura I

Name: Laura Iles
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Worcester
Campaign: To highlight the difference between banter and bullying

Banter between friends can be funny. However, there comes a point when it can go too far and could become bullying.


With the help of Fixers, I want to highlight the difference between banter and bullying within schools. Through research, I found that there was more of a focus on banter and bullying in the workplace; therefore, it is my aim to raise this issue with a younger audience.


I want to raise awareness of the fact that people need to know when they are crossing the line and that continuous banter and comments can become hurtful. What may be seen as a harmless comment by one person could be taken completely differently by someone else.


For my Fixers project, I’m planning to ask young people their views on this issue, using their comments to create a part-animated film to show the effects of banter within the school environment and how it could become bullying.

Thank you to Bethany Griffin for helping me with this Fix.

Sanctuary Group

Sanctuary is the UK’s leading provider of care, housing and community services.


The not-for-profit organisation is backing my campaign and working in partnership with Fixers to help support young people across the country address the issues they want to fix.


With over 94,000 units of accommodation across England and Scotland, Sanctuary believe that building strong communities and inspiring people to make a real difference is as important as providing them with a home.


Christopher Whitehead Language College

As part of my research, I visited Worcester’s Christopher Whitehead Language College to speak to a group of young students on the BTEC Diploma in Vocational Studies course about their views on bullying and the words they use between friends.


Three of the students have been photographed and have roles in the film.

November 2013
My Fixers film is complete and I already have some positive feedback about my campaign.

One of the teachers from Christopher Whitehead Language College has emailed me to say that she showed the film to two Year 8 boys after they made a comment about not wanting to work with another student.

It’s great to hear the film is being put to use and nice to think that my film could be making students stop and think about what they are saying.

A Childline volunteer has also commented on the film: 'I think it covers the concept of banter really well and identifies how one person is being singled out with what I would consider very nasty comments. It’s informative and realistic. It shows that the people behind the ‘banter’ consider it a joke, while still demonstrating the hurt that comes from it.’

Mark Mallett, Head Teacher at Chew Valley School in Bristol, said: 'The most powerful image that has stayed in my mind is the baggage of all the cruel words which the girl carries around with her from interaction to interaction. That is such an accurate representation of what it feels like.'


You can watch my Fixers film below.


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