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Ryan T

Ryan T

Name: Ryan Taggart
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland
Campaign: Promoting parkour

We want to try and promote parkour in the local community and dispel negative misconceptions.


Our aim is to show older generations in the town that it's not anti-social and can have many health benefits.


We’re just hoping that this campaign with Fixers will help lighten the attitudes towards the activity and make it fun for everyone.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Shattner Kjoy

Matthew McCreary

Stefan Pollin

Ryan Luney

David Hamilton

James Dickson

Athan Panayotou

Alderman Billy Ashe, Mayor of Carrickfergus

The Mayor supports our Fixers project and appeared in our broadcast story on UTV Live.


Cilla Stirling, Carrickfergus Gymnastics Club

Cilla has coached some of the gymnasts at the club and supported my Fix by appearing in the broadcast piece.


Shaun McCormick, Magherafelt (NEELB) Youth Centre

Shaun supported our campaign by printing our branded T-shirts and is involved in discussions about the launch event.


Andrew Ferguson, The Urban Cinema

Andrew is helping with the launch event.

October 2013

We were invited to The Mayor's Parlour at the town hall in Carrickfergus on 29th October.

We met with Mayor Alderman Billy Ashe to discuss the image of parkour in the town of Carrick and what could be done to make it better and more accessible for young people who want to do it.


We discussed the possibility of holding a large event in the coming weeks and showed Mr Ashe our T-shirt design, which we created with the help of Fixers.


Baring our message, ‘Be Free To Run Free’, we intend to wear the T-shirts at the event.



Left to Right: Athan, David, Shattner, Mayor Alderman Billy Ashe, Ryan L, Stefan, Ryan T


September 2013 

After our story was featured on UTV Live, viewers shared their support for our Fixers campaign on the station's website.


Julie, Newtonwards:

'My son and his friends do parkour and I think it's brilliant. It keeps them fit and it is a talent that should be recognised. These boys train hard and it should be encouraged. So a place for them to do it would be fantastic.'


Rose, Belfast:

'What a fantastic bunch of young men. They obviously know how to do this safely. It’s a delightful change to see something like this in Northern Ireland.'


Jim, Enniskillen:

'Well done to these youngsters. They are showing others that there are better things to do with their lives. Train hard and be safe lads. The council should build a place for these youngsters to practice. A BMX park was built for the bikers to go to. Maybe there could be competitions.'


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