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Name: Rugile Zoryte
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Exmouth, Devon
Campaign: Highlighting the positive aspects of migration

When I was 12 years old, my family and I moved to the UK from Lithuania, because of the employment and political situation there.


Although I had no problems integrating into my new life in Exmouth and have not faced any prejudice myself, I feel the media presents a biased view of immigrants, which fuels much of the prejudice against them.


That’s why I want to challenge the endless myths many people in the UK have of immigrants, by presenting some true facts that could change their views and assumptions.  


I want to make people aware that the majority of immigrants come here for the right reasons, and do add to society.


My Fixers project is a poster campaign which will highlight the positive aspects of multiculturalism. I hope this approach will help towards creating community cohesion and lead to less prejudice.

A special thanks to Janith Rashnayake, who is helping me with this Fixers project.

Devon County Council
Devon County Council support my Fixers campaign. Staff are offering to help distribute my posters to libraries, surgeries, schools and colleges. Dave Wright, Hate Crime Prevention Worker at Devon County Council, was interviewed to appear in my broadcast piece.


Judi Binks, CISCO Crediton

Judi is so impressed with my posters that she is using them as a backdrop in her classroom. She teaches free English lessons to those who don't speak it as a first language.

Devon Libraries
The team behind Devon’s libraries are backing my project. My posters are being displayed in libraries across the county.

Babcock Education

The team at Babcock Education helped distribute my posters through their work in schools.


The Real Food Store
The team at The Real Food Store support my Fix. They’re allowing me to hold an exhibition event there to show off my posters.


The staff at Bideford College, St Andrew’s Primary School in Cullompton and Appledore Primary School in Bideford support my Fix. Each school has agreed to display my posters.

September 2013

My story was featured in This is Cornwall. Click here to read the full article.


August 2013

The posters have already had a positive impact on people, shown below by some feedback I have received:


Angie Carney, Salvation Army

'I love this! Thank you Rugile, you're a great bringer of hope.'


Gilly Robinson, University of Exeter

'Such a positive campaign about a usually negative issue, and great posters too!'


Dave Wright, Devon County Council

'The posters are excellent. I think that Rugile's project would be a worthwhile one at any time but in the current climate it is fantastic to see something that does such a good job of countering the negative views of immigrants that are becoming more and more pervasive in the media.


I will be showing her posters to as many people as possible.'


Kate O' Neill, Olive Tree Association
'These are great - both in design and intent - well done Rugile and the Fixers team!'


Other feedback received on social media has been just as encouraging!:


'I think that the project Rugile was involved in was very informative and brought up something so important - something for all to think about.'


'This is a brilliant project, I am so glad this was done.'


'What a wonderful story, it should go as far as possible.'


'Love your posters Rugile. As the foster mother of two teenagers from Afghanistan I want you to know that I really appreciate the positive message you're creating about immigrants.'


'The project was amazing. I agree with it entirely. I hate stereotyping because an immigrant or not, you are just like everyone else.'


'What the project did was incredible. It challenged the stereotypes of immigrants by saying that what makes Britain is not all British . This is exactly what is needed to help stop prejudice.'


'This will always be a hot topic as there are as many opinions about the subject as there are people. This is a good job, enabling us to weigh those opinions up.'


'This is a brilliant project, I am so glad this was done.'


'I thought that the programme was very well presented. The naming of Winston Churchill was a reminder of how our culture is shaped and that people like Mo Farrah, who is our recent hero, are what add radiance to our life.'


'It was a really good message to those who think about migration negatively. It shows how much we can help each other. Thank you very much Fixers for giving this message to people.'


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