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Abi H

Abi H

Name: Abi Hocking
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Porthleven, Cornwall
Campaign: Helping people understand dyspraxia

I have dyspraxia, which affects my balance and coordination. I fall off chairs sometimes, and occasionally walk into things.


It means I attract abuse from bullies who are ignorant to my disorder.


I feel as if I am treated like an outcast by some people, who just do not want to understand dyspraxia. It is not fair, because if they did understand the condition, they would realise I am not different from them at heart.


Luckily I have some great friends who support me and have stuck by me, but I fear that a lot of people with dyspraxia are subject to ridicule.


My Fixers project is a short animated film highlighting what dyspraxia is, and how others can support people with dyspraxia. I hope this will stop some of the stigma surrounding this misunderstood disorder.


I want my film to be shown wherever possible – whether that be in schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, to parents at nurseries or circulated via social media.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Joss Mortimer
Ben Wilde
Heather Lacy
Emma Winder
Lisa Turner
Rowan Rees
Jacob Atkinson-Sims
Oliver Rogers
Oscar Frith-Macdonald

Frazer Delves

Dyspraxia Foundation
The Dyspraxia Foundation supports my Fixers project. Their feedback was that the animation was great, and they sent the link to all their members and contacts. They also shared it on Facebook and Twitter and plan to put it on their new website when it is launched.


Helston Community College

I attended this college, which supports our Fixers campaign. They helped us by providing spaces to meet and allowing us to screen our Fixers film to other students.

June 2014

I have won a Diana Courageous Citizen Award for my campaign to raise awareness of dyspraxia! The panel of judges felt that I have made a huge impact on the lives of others through my Fixers film and were very impressed with my project.


December 2013
An article about my Fixers project appeared in the Falmouth Packet. Click here to read the story.

October 2013
My animation is finished and I’m really happy with it! Watch it below.




A mum, whose 7-year-old daughter has dyspraxia, contacted me after seeing my animation. She said her daughter liked the film and wanted to use it as part of a presentation she was giving on dyspraxia in her school assembly. I’m really pleased that my film is being used as I intended - to raise awareness.


I’ve also received the following feedback from other people who have seen the film, which has reached people in countries as far away as South Africa and New Zealand! You can read some of this feedback below:



'Brilliant! Nice one Abi. As a parent of two delightfully dyspraxic children I have been thinking about how we can get more people to understand the condition. This is perfect. Thank you.'


'Thanks Abi for giving us your personal experiences. You're right - we need to raise awareness and your film perfectly achieves that.'



'This is fantastic, it explains things really well in terms children can understand. Well done Abi! I hope it helps people understand you a little better.'



'Well done for creating awareness!'



'Lovely film Abi! I love the style and the content. I will share this on Facebook, great job! I'd love to see this shown everywhere!'



'Great job Abi, my son is eight and we found out his challenges were due to dyspraxia nearly two years ago. I enjoyed watching your video and hope that a lot more people will see it and understand a bit better what living with dyspraxia is like.'



'Well done Abi and thank you. My son is currently going through diagnosis, seeing he really is not alone is priceless.'



'Wow! Well done Abi you go girl!'



'Fantastic. My grandson who is sixteen is dyspraxic and he is just as you describe. Well done for making that animation. I hope more people take notice.'


During my broadcast piece, my film was also shown to Sixth Form Helston Community College, here is what the students commented about my Fixers project:



'I like it. It was very good and the animations were amazing! Before I saw it I had an idea what it was but I wasn't quite sure. This really put the message across.'



'The powerpoint was really good and I really enjoyed watching the video - it was a really imaginative way of putting it across and it helps everyone to engage. I really liked that you answered our questions. Thank you for talking to us!'



'Wow! The animation was great and it really raised my awareness of the condition, which I had never heard of. I'm sure this clip will raise awareness. Well done!'



'The animation had the perfect balance of humour as well as information, which is perfect to engage students.'


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