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Name: Dwaynne Way
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Cwmbran, South Wales
Campaign: Highlight realities of autism

When I was five years old, I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.


A form of autism, Asperger's syndrome has affected my life in so many ways. I cannot concentrate as well as others, and sometimes my reactions to social situations are a little unpredictable.


As I have grown up, I have dealt with the condition through medication and by talking people through what I face. But it has not always been this simple, and I faced a lot of bullying in school.


A lot of the time, the bullying stems from simply misunderstanding autism and the challenges people with it face. So through an animated film, I'm educating young people about the effects autism has on your life, and what other people can do to assist those who have conditions like mine.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Tom Cross
Rebecca Nicholas
Jennifer Coleman
Laura Verrall

February 2014

My Fixers film was screened at a launch event for mental health and mind-related issues in Cardiff. The response to my film was overwhelming and I had some really encouraging feedback. You can read some of these comments below:


'An uncomplicated yet effective method of letting people know about autism.'


'Amazing project to help young people understand autism - well done!'


'I really like this. I feel it's an important message, and it explains the problem in a nice way which is easy to understand.'


'Very helpful for young people suffering with autism or knowing people who do.'


January 2014

Feedback from my film has been really encouraging, and people have responded positively. Below are some of the comments I have received:



'Thank you! My son was recently diagnosed and I have so much to learn.'



'What an excellent way to help people understand autism!'



'Thank you! This is a magical and yet simplistic way to explain autism.'



'This is brilliant, my younger brother and cousin both have autism and I loved this.'



'I can really appreciate this, it's a good video. I'm glad some people have made this, especially young people.'



'A great film putting autism into words, thank you.'



'This clip makes it simple for others to understand how autism affects us. Thank you for putting this together, it's very well done'



'This is amazing I have three brothers and all three are on the autistic spectrum. This is a great video to raise awareness.'


November 2013
I was mentioned in an article published in the South Wales Argus. The article was about Fixers celebrating its first anniversary in Wales and my project was used as an example of the work Fixers do. Click here to read the article.


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