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Name: Ashlea Jones
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Buckley, North Wales
Campaign: Bring young people together through football

Young people in my town often get a bad name, mainly because they are seen hanging around the streets with nothing to do.


This does not mean they are all causing trouble, but it is seen that way. And if there are things to do for young people, often the different groups of young people in the town distance themselves from one another.


So through a football event, I am trying to break the barriers between groups of young people and, in turn, show the rest of the community that young people do not deserve the reputation they are often given.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Abbie Jones Adam Baxter
Adam Buxton Adele Kennedy
Alex Sidwell Anthony Bingham
Chloe Young Connor Hughes
Daisy Wells Danni Stockton
David Tarran Eddie Wilson
Emily Owen Emily Webster
Georgia Gillard Ian Lloyd
Jake Hayes Jodie Roberts
Jordan Barnes Jordan Dorringron
Jordan McGregor Josh Davidson
Josh Jones Kate Davies
Kathleen McCaffrey Laura Nayia
Lauren Naylor Leon Cox
Matty Tidy Michle Wynne
Nathan Ayriss Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Williams Nichole Doyle
Nicky Jones Owen Jones
Rebecca Harford Robie Collard
Ryan Oates Samantha Jo-Adams
Sammie Morter Sarah Williams
Shannon Quinn Steven Catherall
Stewart Williams Tom Mills

Flintshire Youth Service

The youth service helped our Fix by allowing us to hold this football tournament in our town.


Flintshire Sorted

The Young People's Drug and Alcohol Team in Flintshire supported our Fix.


Andy White, Town Centre Manager, Buckley

Andy supported our Fixers project, which took place in Buckley town centre.

August 2013

The Flintshire Chronicle featured an article on my project before the event took place. Click here to read it in full.


My 5-Aside Football Tournament on Sunday 18th August was a great success! About 35 young people came down to a football pitch in Buckley town centre to take part in the event. We were really pleased with the turnout and very happy to see the whole community getting involved in our Fixers project.


Young people attending the event really enjoyed themselves and one of our local Councillors turned up to support us as well, saying:


'What a great day for all the young people to come together and show the community their involvement with other age groups in the area.'


Scroll down to see what more photos and feedback from my event.



Some of the tournament participants with their medals and certificates


'It's been a great day, and I have really enjoyed taking part in the football match. i was even given a medal for my efforts. I think it brought everyone together and showed the community that we can be involved and help make a difference.'



'I think it was a brilliant day, it brought us all together and we worked really well as a team. It also helped us to get involved in speaking to the community and trying to get others involved. It was good that we had the football stadium, because if it wasn't there, then there would of been nothing else for our age group.'


'Really good to see youngsters be given the opportunity to play and see the girls playing too. It's a fantastic way to show the community how young people come together to join in and can make a difference.'


 'It's nice to have something to do and get involved with. I've enjoyed playing and interacting with other young people.'




One of the 20-minute matches during the tournament



Another match at the tournament in Buckley



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