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Skipton Road Safety Group

Skipton Road Safety Group

Name: Eleanor Woolmore, Rory Johnson, Craig Fairbairn
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2010
Location: Skipton, North Yorkshire
Campaign: Stop dangerous driving

In our area, there are many young people who seem to be involved in road accidents, whether through their own fault or not.


In 2008, over 40 people were killed on the roads in our area of North Yorkshire. Sadly we knew some of these accident victims.


Together, we decided to put a stop to the seemingly continual trend of young people crashing on the country roads in and around our town.


Through a shock film, entitled 'Speed', we showed the story of a young man who spends his life in a wheelchair due to a split-second decision to take his eyes off the road when driving home one day.


It was a decision which changed his life, and it is one which could change the lives of many young people.


Through this film, we hope that young people across our area - and across the country - will realise the danger they put themselves and others in when they drive dangerously.


Here is the list of Fixers helping on this campaign:


Jonathan Marsden

Chloe Greenwood

Emily Giles

Shawn Gubbin

Craig Fairbairn

Rory Johnson

Abi Rhodes

Abigail Houghton

Alicia Ellwood

MArtin Hughes

Rebecca Cropper

Thomas Higo

David Fong

Naomi Whitham

Amber Metcalfe

Stephanie Beresford

North Yorkshire Police

Thank you to our local police force who assisted us in researching and distributing our film.

Following our Fixers project in 2011, we won the 2011 Crimebeat Awards in North Yorkshire. 


With our £1,000 prize, we held workshops across our area and created an information pack to accompany our Fixers film.


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Fixer hero

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