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Name: Chandos Green
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bournemouth
Campaign: Recognise the talents disabled people have

At the age of three, I was diagnosed with a brain cancer.


To cure the cancer, I had to undergo a series of operations and treatments, but it returned once again when I was six years old.


Again, I had to withstand treatment to cure it, but it seemed to do the trick. But my whole battle with brain cancer has had some long lasting effects, such as scarring to my head and a slight limp when I walk.


Because of these signs of disability though, I am treated completely differently by other young people. Sometimes people look at me oddly, and when I was younger I lost a lot of friends because they assumed I would not be able to fit in with the activities they would do.


I felt lost, alone, and like an outcast. But now I have joined Fixers to get rid of the feelings of isolation that so many disabled people feel by holding a music and arts event, showcasing the talent and creativity of young disabled people.


Everyone is different and individual, and we do have different ways of living. But we all deserve equal treatment, and I hope my project encourages better understanding of people who may be different on the surface.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Alex Gallogley Alice Kiernander
Becki Jakeman Ben Richardson
Cameron Hayden Cameron McNon
Charlotte Waite Chin Chan
Chloe Carter Connor Knapp
Daniel Haensel Ed Hack
Ed Lloyd Hana Williams
Ian Chadderton Jack Cracknell
Jacob Broom Jacob Fung
Joely Colmer Jonathon Coomber
Joshua Bertie Krista Green
Kaylum Sapseid Liam Jones
Lauren Stroud-Lees Macrae Williams
Louis Catlett Michael Albin
Max Mclead Nile Wade
Michelle Dunning Rob Boivin
Ollie Addis Sebastian Bowen
Ryan Wellman Stacey Campbell
Simon Thompson Tobias Moors
Stanley Ewence Tyler McLardy
Todd Langton  

January 2014
One of my Fixers team members, Joely Colmer, has won a vInspired regional award (South West) for her all round commitment to volunteering.


The awards recognise and celebrate young people and youth workers who’ve made an extraordinary contribution to their communities through volunteering.


July 2013

Over 100 people attended my 'Fight for Change' event in Poole to watch live bands, skate bike and scooter demos, and two motivational speakers.


Speaking at the event was Joely Colmer (21) who described her experience with Asperger's Syndrome, and Simon Thompson (24) who was paralysed in a motorcycle accident just two years ago before learning to ride a motorcycle again.


Joely Colmer:

'Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak at the 'Fight For Change' event. It was brilliant to see so many young people rejoicing together, learning and having fun at the skate park! It really was disability awareness at its best, by focusing on the positives and not the negatives. I'm so proud of Chandos for making it all happen!'


Other feedback was equally as supportive, see what others had to say below:


Daryl Morgan

'Great set up, my boys aged 12 and 9 enjoyed the event and it made them think about disabilities.'


Mike Cracknell

'Fantastic night, great cause, great entertainment.'


It was a great event and was really inspirational to hear from so many people about their experiences. The picture below shows everyone who helped out with the event.





 To see the poster for my event, click the link below.


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