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Name: Corinna Wan
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bangor, Wales
Campaign: Raise awareness of asexuality

When you define your sexuality, you are often given the choice of heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. But what about asexuality?

The term 'asexual' is not widely used, and only a small portion of people in the UK identify themselves as asexual. That's why, when I tell people I am demi-asexual, there is a lot of confusion surrounding what that actually means.

Some people think that being asexual simply means you reject sex. This is not the case, as many asexual people have sex and can enjoy sex - they just don't feel the same amount of immediate sexual attraction that other people do.

There are so many levels to asexuality, and it can be difficult to understand, but this is no excuse for others to treat asexual people any differently.

Through my project, I hope to change people's perceptions of asexuality so that people who are asexual feel comfortable and proud, and equally treated by everyone else.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Abigail Gregory  

Alex Thomas  

Annabel Benjamin  

Ashley Povall  

Benjamin Fitch  

Bryn Lewis  

Huw Saunders 

Jamie Muir  

Jonathan Collis  

Martyn Curzey  

Paul Parker  

Rebecca Smith  

Scott Henderson  

Will Morgan

Bangor University

The University where I study, who are kindly supporting my project.


Rob Owen, Relate

Relate is the country's largest provider of relationship support. Rob was interviewed for my short documentary about my Fixers project and provided his expert opinion on the subject of sexuality.

February 2014

My film has had a great impact upon people and their view of what it is to be asexual. You can read some of this feedback below:



'I saw your Fixers project, good work, it's awesome! Every sucess.'



'I didn't know what asexual was until I saw this short film. It gives you an insight into what it would feel like.'



'I would of thought it was a lonely thing to be asexual - but this video really does help to explain what it means.'


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Fixer hero

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