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Name: Jolene Smith
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: South England
Campaign: To stop prejudice against the travelling community

I’ve been verbally abused, spat at, and even punched by complete strangers – all because I am a gypsy.


I am a Romani gypsy, a part of the Europe-wide Roma gypsy community, and my family are all gypsies too. We have a different way of living to a lot of people as we travel the country a lot, often in caravans and without staying in houses for too long.


But gypsies like myself are made to feel like outcasts, or like we are not welcome in the UK. Because of the negative ways we are portrayed in the media, many people simply develop hatred towards us as if we are a negative influence on society.


In fact, gypsies have a rich heritage in the UK which spans over 500 years.


But people do not see this. Therefore, with the help of Fixers, I created a short animated film which aims to challenge the stereotypes young people hold towards the travelling community.


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Fixer hero

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