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Stacey B

Stacey B

Name: Stacey Blundell
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Wrexham, North Wales
Campaign: To make young people aware of their rights

My group and I feel that we have experienced discrimination based on our age. We have been dismissed for being too young when making legitimate complaints about services and think it's unfair to be treated in a condescending way just because of our age.


We each have heard stories from friends about differences in pay, working conditions, and holidays. We feel that information for young people about what they are entitled is inconsistent and no very widely taught.


That's why we decided to join Fixers to make young people aware of their rights, and to encourage them to enforce their rights so that everyone is treated fairly.


Through a poster campaign, we hope that young people are aware of what qualifies as discrimination and exploitation, and what help and support they can find to ensure they are treated with respect and fairness.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Shaun Evans
Marko Burm
Zoe Johnson
Elain Morris
Lois Jones
Stella Hughes
Jacob Vaughan
Ben Williams
Samantha Maidwell

Jess Crouch

Info Shop, Wrexham

A small support group which gives information on issues affecting young people in Wrexham.


Dan Hunter, Yale College

Thank you for allowing us to take photographs for our poster


Peter Scott, Wrexham Council

Thank you for your support on this campaign, saying:


'It looks very impressive and professional. I hope you get a lot of interest.'

September 2013

Feedback from our campaign was great! Scroll down to see what people have said about our posters:


'I really like the posters. They offer good examples that many young people experience during work and don't know what to do about. I know that this will help me in the future.'


'It's a great thing to see, young people need to use their heads and speak out, that is the most important thing.'


'It's brilliant for young people to show their voice, to give them confidence. Many young people are qualified through college and just want to work their way up in their career and are resisted at times due to their age. These posters are a very good thing to do.'


'Even as parents it's hard to explain what the rights are, so it's great to see young people doing things like this to help explain to them their rights in different situation. It means others can get a better understanding.'


August 2013

On Monday 19 August, Fixers opened a ‘pop-up shop’ in the People’s Market on Chester Street in Wrexham.


The shop will be there for four weeks, providing information and putting on display some of the fantastic work done by local Fixers like me.


BBC Radio Wales covered a story about the Fixers 'pop-up shop', and interviewed me and some fellow Fixers about our projects.


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